Fire Service Safety at Height & Technical Rescue Courses
Practical courses vary from one-day snatch rescue and two-day application of access safety kits, to five-day technical rescue. Assessments are also undertaken for previously trained operators, supervisors and instructors. All courses include information on legislation; have practical elements relevant to your environment and a written theory test.

The range of equipment used varies from brigade to brigade, however due to the fact that Height Safety Consultants is independent and not connected to any equipment manufacturer or supplier, the information and techniques are unbiased and dedicated to your present kit and environment.

Other topics covered in course syllabi includes; height specific risk assessments, hierarchy of control measures required when working at height, and the importance of correct selection and subsequent maintenance of fall protection equipment.

All courses comply with current Fire Service operational training manuals.
Height Safety Consultants is independent of any equipment manufacturer or other training supplier.

All successful delegates receive certification and photo I.D. cards (where required).
Course reports are compiled for all courses.
Fire Service Safety at Height & Technical Rescue Course